Lethal (2xLP)
Format: 2 x 12"
Lethal (2xLP)
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BACK IN STOCK !!! - Liquid returns with an incredible new double pack album. These twelve stunning new tracks showcase Liquids incredible range and skill, as well as the superb production we have come to expect from this legendary act. Lethal covers everything from the earliest rave sound to huge vocal anthems, and features the wonderful talents of Rachel Wallace, Niki Mak, Earl 16 and Echo Ranks. Simply put, this is an unmissable album for both the casual and the underground rave lover, and it is no doubt destined to be regarded as a classic in years to come.

    A1:    Wrong Sun
    A2:    Battle For The Minds
    A3:    Kill For You
    B1:    Dread Inna Babylon
    B2:    Machinic Repitition
    B3:    Broken
    C1:    Morphine
    C2:    Lethal Beats
    C3:    Blood Like Dope
    D1:    Funk Removal Machine
    D2:    Plasticity
    D3:    Blackwave

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