Sounds Of The Deep (LP Sampler)
Format: 12"
Seba, Mav, Naibu & Future Engineers
Sounds Of The Deep (LP Sampler)
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LTD. ARTWORK EDITION / INCL. A2 POSTER !!! - As rapper Rakim would say: 'It's been a long time'... Mischa van de Bilt aka Mav (and earlier - Maverick) is back in the game. Old-timers will surely remember him from his groundbreaking 'Me Against the Machine' released on Fokuz back in 2005, as well as his atmospheric and futuristic creative output found on Citrus, Red Mist, Camino Blue, Offshore, Warm Communications or KOS.MOS, Soul & Ice (to mention a few), as well as on the now defunct ASC's Covert Operations Recordings. It's hard to believe this is actually his first full-length album.
Starting off with the light-amen-laden progressive and atmospheric 'Skylines', with its airy pads, quick-paced hi-hats and stepping beat, setting you up for the more lively and uplifting jazz-flavored 'Jackie Style' (featuring the sweet duo of P-Gemma and Jackie Valerie on the vocals). Then it's the laidback, liquid and leisurely 'Open Your Mind', followed by the mesmerizing, rolling straight-to-the-point 'The Dolphin and the Bassline' adding a great classic atmospheric touch to the whole. Mav also shows his versatility by pursuing some more experimental sides of D&B, such as with the crazily-syncopated 'Trigger the Rabbit' and the lush, variously-paced 'For the Little Ones (Sweet Dreams)' (again with the voice of Jackie Valerie). And if you're looking for a heavy punch he offers the razor-sharp broken beats of 'Makati Oasis' and the dirty 'Break Is The Legend', a remarkable tribute to one of the essential elements of drum & bass music - the amen break.
Fleshing out the album further, Mav has recruited some massive names from across the D&B globe on remix duties. From Jazzsticks' honcho Paul SG and his lush remix of 'Open Your Mind' to Hungary's one and only Chris.Su rendering the classic 'Me Against The Machine' into his own razor-sharp and deep neurofunk language. Brazilian maestro Bungle offers a fresh, tranquil, broken-drummed remix of 'Skylines' and French producer Naibu's riveting drums and mysterious backgrounds take centre stage on his rework of 'Between Heaven and the Deep Blue Sea'. The same track has been also treated by Scandinavian bigwig Seba, who delivers a punch in the face with unique subtlety like nobody else.
The circle of remixers closes with 'Makati Oasis' revisited by the mighty Future Engineers, lending their expertise to transform the original fierce amen breaks into a smooth, overwhelming bass-machine!
Mav has certainly served up a banquet with an audible focus on the Chef's Special - traditional atmospheric, energetic drum & bass with a twist of contemporariness, all of this served as a finger-licking feast of dishes, each of a different flavor, but all of them equally exciting.

A. Mav - Between Heaven and the Deep Blue Sea (Seba Remix)
B. Mav - Between Heaven and the Deep Blue Sea (Naibu Remix)
BB. Mav - Makati Oasis (Future Engineers Remix)

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