Purpose (2xLP)
Format: 2 x 12"
Purpose (2xLP)
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LTD. 2x12" VINYL EDITION - Noisia's brand new 'Purpose' EP featuring 8 new tracks, all drum & bass, including 3 collaborations with Phace, Prolix and Evol Intent.
Comes with a free 320 mp3 download of the full EP on date of release. Artwork designed by Nik and Khomatech.

A. Noisia - Oh Oh
AA. Noisia & Phace - Purpose
B. Noisia - Running Blind
BB. Noisia - Shaking Hands
C. Noisia & Prolix - Asteroids
CC. Noisia & Evol Intent - Long Gone
D. Noisia - Stamp Out
DD. Noisia - Leopard Slug

Quotes from artists about the EP:
- Amon Tobin: 'oh yes!! first four tracks particularly inspired. a proper schooling for all would be pretenders. very nicely done indeed.'
- Kill The Noise: 'holy fuck this is amazing thanks boys cool to play this stuff out?'
- Andy C: 'oh my fucking goshhhhhhhhhhh!!! PURPOSE! big big love xxx'
- Rob Swire (Pendulum/Knife Party): 'Noisia's New EP. Oh my god.' 'You know how those BC / - C4C / Kemal tracks from 1998-2002 sound in your head? They actually sound like that :|'
- Chase & Status: 'Fucking amazing - I love it.'
- The Upbeats: 'Amazeballs as usual dudes.. Can't wait to play :D :D'
- Datsik: 'fucking sick!!!'
- Feed Me: 'The new @Noisia_nl EP - ugh, amaze. It sounds something like this pic.twitter.com/XETuW4ishy'
- El Hornet (Pendulum): 'last night I played Noisia - 'Running Blind' and for 5 minutes 34 seconds the entire world swallowed itself, including me' 'A reactionary video apon first listening to said new Noisia track -> http://instagram.com/p/osx5n_i-lW/'
- Optical: 'In love with Asteroids and Stamp Out....so sexy!! You guys always make me smile...thanks for the links'

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