Microfunk E.P. (Vol. 1)
Format: 12"
Bop, Synkro, Nuage, Dissident...
Microfunk E.P. (Vol. 1)
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RE-PRESS !!! - (TRANSPARENT-BLUE MARBLED VINYL) - Med School Music veteran Bop launches his own label "Microfunk Music". The first release contains 4 minimalistic tunes, starting from the chill autonomic moods and the lovely nostalgic arpeggio of "Telescope" written by Bop and Synkro, moving to Nuage's fragile synths and luscious summer vocals, followed by a warm analogue bass in "Endless Green". In addition to these beautiful sounds, Microfunk Crew includes the more energetic, fit for the dance floor drum&bass with strong juke and ambient influences of "Crab Nebula".
The EP is perfectly completed by Dissident with his kind and even slightly infantile soundscapes in "Design Yourself". This vinyl record is a great introduction to the label's unique sound. Each song has its own character and tells a specific story; however the wholepiece sounds very organic and will definitely appeal to the intelligent electronic music fans.

A. Bop & Synkro - Telescope
AA. Nuage - Endless Green
B. Microfunk Crew - Crab Nebula
BB. Dissident - Design Yourself

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