Grindwerk / Hysteria
Format: 12"
Dabs & A-Cray (feat. Ryme Tyme & Hysteria)
Grindwerk / Hysteria
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The Prolific Eatbrain are back once again, with Italian producer Dabs returning to their embracing fold following his 2014 release with them. Having releasing on labels like Dispatch, Avantgarde, and Horizons, Dabs is no stranger to the hard hitting, ultra-modern machine funk sound peddled by the Eatbrain collective.
On his 'Rawbot EP' the Italian producer enlists the help of scene godfather Rymetyme, prodigious talent L 33 and Czech badman A-Cray creating a free flowing EP that smacks like a heavyweight boxer and sings like an opera darling.
The drums are hard and bouncy, the basslines deep and vocal, the collaborations spot on, but there is something beautifully unquantifiable about the music Dabs makes, something in the compositional style that just seems so different from everything else being released at the moment.
Opening number Grindwerk combines the trademark spoken word type vocals of Rymetyme, with a steampunk gated synth line, a tough dutty bassline, and the future neuro type drums that Eatbrain artists do so well, whilst his collaboration with A-Cray - Hysteria - combines a sinister attitude with darkside sound effects, evil bass tones and horrifically brutal rhythm tracks.
The titular Rawbot combines more intricate drum patterns with folding metal robot bass lines and sporadic major scale synth intonations that give the track an odd, retro futurism feel. That Door once more shows off Dabs strange musicality, with an almost ambient, liquid intro that segues - in typical Eatbrain style - into a dancefloor monster with percussive basslines, playing off against, clipped pitched up drums and a weird metal snare sound and other layered sound effects and synth that accents the minimal beat perfectly, before the intro returns, taking the tune off into epic territory before returning the gutter once again.

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