Dispatch Dubplate (Vol. 19)
Format: 12"
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Dispatch Dubplate (Vol. 19)
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TIPP !!! - Dispatch Dubplate continues its long-awaited return with the second of six new releases, brought to you by Quartz. Championing the best in unreleased music and prominent dubs from within the dnb scene, Dispatch Dubplate 19 is no exception.

Forming the centre piece of this release is the track "Brass Knuckles" with the instrumental edit taking that special place of vinyl exclusive - never to be sold digitally.

Immediately impressed by this heavily percussive and bongo-led track, Ant TC1 built an instant love for the tune. With an early test version getting impressive crowd reactions in his sets and then seeing it get the same kind of response in Mantra's Keep Hush stream in 2018, he knew "Brass Knuckles" would make for the perfect Dispatch Dubplate release. Reworked in 2022, we're hyped to finally get this one out there.

Alongside this Quartz flexes his tech roots for another two standout tracks that pack a special punch. Full of funk and dynamic impact, expect to hear these on heavy rotation.

a1. Quartz - Static
b1. Quartz -  Brass Knuckles (Instrumental) [vinyl exclusive]
b2. Quartz - 89 Columns

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