FKOF (Vol. 8)
Format: 12"
FKOF (Vol. 8)
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LTD. HAND-STAMPED 12" VINYL !!! - Continuing where Oddkut and Abstrakt Sonance’s FKOFv007 left off, our 8th record is a collaborative affair – three artists, four tunes and a whole lot of weight. 11th Hour is one of our long-standing collaborators, having appeared on our second ever EP back in 2013, and Substrada is quickly following in Jason’s footsteps with his latest outing with us. And, as you’d suspect, we’re delighted to welcome Charles back after his epic (collab) FKOFd046 in 2020. Last, but definitely not least, we welcome Kusmo to the FKOF family – an artist we’ve super excited about.

“FKOFv008’s been doing the rounds for most of 2022, with two solo outings for Substrada and two collaborative efforts. We’ve had some epic DJ support from the likes of Mala, but it’s hard to choose a favourite from across this record. ‘Coolin’ With The Gang’ is signature Substrada; all spooky atmospheres, suffocating sub pressure and a few vocal samples that have upset a few radio stations over the last 12 months. It’s a banger. The second A- side is the meditative ‘Predator Flow’ – eyes down power and our favourite beats, bass and space recipe. Watch for this one! The third inclusion, the Kusmo collab entitled ‘Wump’, does what you’d expect. It is, as it proudly exclaims, “the shit”. We’re excited to see where these two take their efforts (separately and together)! The record closes with the absolute scenes ‘Colossus’ has inspired across the dance floors this year, with Substrada and 11th Hour joining forces to create one of our tunes of the year. It is relentless.

“FKOF Records celebrates its tenth birthday in 2023 and we’ve got some epic physical releases coming to celebrate our decade of 140bpm. Substrada’s FKOFv008 gives you some idea of what we’ve got coming, and we hope you enjoy these four tunes (from three of our favourite producers!) as we close out 2022. Thank you for all your support this year, and we’ll see you on the flipside.

a1. Substrada - Coolin' With The Gang
a2. Substrada - Predator Flow
b1. Substrada x Kusmo - Wump
b2. Substrada x 11th Hour - Colossus

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