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25 Years Of CIA Records (3xLP)
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25 damn years! That’s a quarter of a bloody century. That’s how long the men that are Total Science have been furnishing the world of Drum & Bass with some of the finest music known to men. And that’s cos they’re G’s. And also it’s for everyone. Cos that’s what you do when you’re a G. And not a twit. You know?

It’s been 5 long years since the CIA 20 album. Which isn’t that long really. But the man with the hair, and the man without the hair are so amazed that they’re still going, still here, still bloody doing it, and doing it with such aplomb, that they thought another album of great music from some of their favourite people was due. And so here it is.

And obviously, cos they’re such G’s, they’ve got hot new music from some of the best people in D&B, cos everybody loves them, obviously. It’s a veritable who’s who of who’s good. Proper music for proper people. It’s what you need in this day and age. And it’s what they’ve been doing for 25 years. So here it is. 25 Years Of CIA Records. Have a go on that!

a1. Total Science - Gravy Girls (Calibre Remix)
a2. Myth - Armadillo
b1. Break - Something like That
b2. Minor Forms - Untitled Rave
c1. The Sauce - BST Vibes
c2. FD - Sweaty Porpoise
d1. Digital - Raggamuffin Bizness
d2. Quadrant, Iris & Dummy - Super Six
e1. Zero T - Cut Dem
e2. Nymfo - Sick With It
f1. Total Science - Run it
f2. Kublai - Be Like You

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