Battlecat / Grapefruit
Format: 12"
DnB - Liquid
Donnie Dubson
Battlecat / Grapefruit
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NICE PRICE !!! - (TEST PRESS / WHITE LABEL) - Germany has seen the evolution of many successful labels and artists over time, including (The) Panacea, Current Value, Twintone and Blu Saphir Recordings. But more recently, Digital Colours and Fokuz LTD artist, Donnie Dubson has stepped into the fray, joining the roster of immaculate talent on one of Belgium's most well-known chill-out labels, Influenza Media.

Coming a long way from his first release on Have-A-Break Recordings in 2006, Donnie's masterful production has landed him spots on compilations and podcasts by the likes of Phunkfiction Recordings, Hospital Records and Knowledge Magazine, while collaborating with such artists as Stunna and Andy Sim.
The fifth installment on Influenza Media features two very different but 'feel good' pieces. Battlecat is lush with its' subtle, warm basslines, while Grapefruit pummels forward with its' bass-heavy kicks and sweeping pad melodies.
If I were to speak to Donnie myself, I'd be the first to comment on his magnificent arrangement of the breakdown on both tunes. The halftime break in Grapefruit is very welcoming, and it really does a great job working its' way towards the dancefloor.
Battlecat uses a more traditional technique, using bass stabs to push the second drop into full throttle.

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