Touch / Build Me Up (Bungle Remix)
Format: 12"
ABSYS Records
Touch / Build Me Up (Bungle Remix)
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NICE PRICE !!! - Time flies, doesn't it? It sure does when you suddenly wake up to celebrate your 10th vinyl release as a small label, which is the case with us. But as we're all about quality over quantity, our latest 12" offering comes with a superb collage of fresh music by the one and only Radicall. Having made his mark as one of the most consistent producers, known for his trademark combination of strong, dynamic drum programming and soft and booming basslines, Radicall keeps on delivering top-quality music with each next release. And this 12" single is no exception to the said rule. The playful, happy-go-lucky 'Touch' is a bit of a nod to the old-school/rave/early jungle/footwork/you-name-it style given its complex drum pattern and an array of acid-style synthetic samples and tinges of vocal here and there, but sticking to modern-day standards nonetheless.
The flipside comes with 'Build Me Up' remixed by Bungle, who surely knows how to make good things just as good as they are, but yet a bit different. And here we have the Brazilian powerhouse reshaping Radicall's work to make it a bit lighter and upbeat, but still retaining some elements of rawness mixed perfectly with traces of nostalgia. An excellent job, breathing a new life into the original piece - a darker-shaded straight-to-the-point roller, which you can get as a digital bonus added to the release. So here it is - the tenth vinyl item in our catalogue, featuring names you simply can't go wrong with. What better way to celebrate the occasion?

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