Monty (feat. Visages, Alix Perez, Chimpo...)
Hit The Lights (2xLP)
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LTD. MARBLED 2x12" VINYL !!! - Monty presents his debut album 'Hit The Lights' on 1985 Music. Flowing between sub-genres, this 16 track long-player showcases his variety and meticulous attention to detail. Featuring heavyweight collaborations with PAV4N, Strategy, Chimpo, Redeyes, and fellow label comrades Visages.

“If you deep listen to the album and take the time, you'll notice that every track is connected to each other, I really enjoy albums like this, tells more of a story as if the transitions are like turning a page in a book, or chapters. It was a challenge to do but worth it in the end.
The album was built from everything I love and learned in the last 10 years about bass music.” - Monty

    A1:    On
    A2:    Vibin’ (feat. Visages)
    A3:    Cargo
    A4:    Dreamer (feat. Alix Perez)
    B1:    Walking Home
    B2:    Meet You There (feat. Chimpo)
    B3:    & Trail - Cinnamon
    B4:    & Redeyes - Birdland
    C1:    Hit The Lights
    C2:    Ancient
    C3:    & Visages - Hardware Ft Pav4N & Strategy
    C4:    I Knew So Ft Eva Mango
    D1:    Stylz
    D2:    Rest
    D3:    Direct Sense
    D4:    Off

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