Conquest / Blown
Format: 12"
RAM Records
Calyx & Teebee
Conquest / Blown
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NICE PRICE !!! - Since 2004, when their first collaborations began to emerge, Calyx & TeeBee blazed a trail for both RAM Records and drum & bass, becoming part of the genre's foundations. Conquest is a testament to their undeniable musicianship, bringing the sonic mosaics which have made them so infamous throughout their careers. Following a US-wide tour and upcoming sets at some of the biggest global electronic music festivals, including Las Vegas' EDC, they've been meticulously manufacturing this next cut with the utmost precision.

The pair realign with their darker side with Blown. Hollowed out, pounding drums and fluctuating bass notes take you through their expert manufacturing, with a bassline that weaves in between each carefully layered segment. The track is driving yet intricately coated, with pitched up synths adding a softer touch amongst the madness.

Calyx & TeeBee switch it up another notch this year, proving that their commitment to the underground is as strong as ever. Alongside RAM Records, they continue to be a definitive part of the genre's fundamentals, providing cut after cut of unadulterated filth.

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