Chromatic (Vol. 2)
Format: 12"
Liquid Crystal
Chromatic (Vol. 2)
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LOW STOCK !!! - This is a classic remaster and repress of Liquid Crystal's "Chromatic EP Vol. 2. Taken directly from D.A.T and recut to sound as they should have back in the day! We gave the "You Got Me Remix" a full side rather than doing what the original press did, which was to have the original on the same side. That seems a little obsolete seeing as we recently repressed the original EP anyway. And this gives the classic remix more room to breathe. The flip side remains the same as the original press of course, and all three tracks have been lovingly remastered!

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Billy Bunter, the Fat Controller, Glowkid, Slipmatt, Dj Jedi, Dj Luna-C, Dj Brisk, Clayfighter, Jimni Cricket, Bustin, Sc@r, Doughboy, Saiyan, Dave Skywalker, Liquid, Hyper On Experience, Ant To Be, Ponder and many others.

    A. You Got Me (Remix)
    B. Can´t Stop Falling
    BB. Positive NRG