Raise The Ark (2xLP)
Format: 2 x 12"
Alpha Steppa
Raise The Ark (2xLP)
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Raise The Ark - The new album from Alpha Steppa, marking ten years of Steppas Records. This vocal-dub album defies convention and introduces the listener to a new world of soundsystem music. Raise The Ark evolves and expands the distinct avant-guard dub style of Alpha Steppa, exploring the realms of Hip Hop, Trap, Trad, Folk and Bass Music.
True to the Steppas Records ethos, the music carries a deep and crucial message, covering current and timeless topics; from the climate crisis, sociopolitical issues, to roots, culture and spirituality. Working closely with known artists from the Steppas imprint and as we have come to expect, introducing us to new and emerging talent from across the globe. Raise The Ark features include; Pupa Jim of Stand High Patrol (France), Sista Awa (Italy/Senegal), Cian Finn (Ireland), Ras Tinny (Suriname), Nai-Jah (Nigeria), Tenor Youthman (Russia), Eva Keyes (Ireland) and Block Mameli (Italy/Ghana). The collection features 12 evocative and provocative vocal tracks and 10 thundering instrumental / dub mixes. Raise The Ark is a truly eclectic, profound and exciting album not to be missed.

In partnership with onetreeplanted.org we will plant a tree in Ethiopia for every record sold.

“One of the most prolific and inventive dub producers around” Wire

“A serious player in the soundsystem world” Mixmag

“Obliteratingly heavy bass” Q Mag

“Album of The Month” MIXMAG

    A1:    Dear Friend (Feat Pupa Jim)
    A2:    Break All The Walls & Build Bridges (Feat Tenor Youthman)
    A3:    The Living Word
    A4:    Fever (Feat Eva Keyes)
    A5:    My People (Feat Block Mameli)
    B1:    Even Clouds Stop To Look (Feat Sista Awa)
    B2:    Omo Kibish (Feat Nai-Jah)
    B3:    Whip Lash Crack (Feat Sista Awa)
    B4:    Black Rain (Feat Ras Tinny & Nai-Jah)
    B5:    Show Me The Way (Feat Cian Finn)
    C1:    Dear Dub
    C2:    Break All The Walls And Build Dubs
    C3:    The Living Dub
    C4:    Dub Fever
    C5:    My Dub
    D1:    Even Clouds Stop To Dub
    D2:    Omo Dub
    D3:    Whip Lash Dub
    D4:    Black Rain Dub
    D5:    When We Were Free (Feat Sista Awa)

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