Samurai Hannya - The VIPs
Format: 12"
Homemade Weapons, Roho, Presha & Torn
Samurai Hannya - The VIPs
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LTD. RED VINYL EDITION !!! - VIPs are becoming more common again with the fast turnover of music in our rapidly evolving musical environment. These enable the producer to continue playing their own tracks in DJ sets but have an edge with a slightly updated version from the released tune. VIPs are mostly never made available outside a select set of DJs, but for the Samurai Hannya series we had a few that were really too strong not to release, so we commissioned a few more to round out the EP. Homemade Weapons is a long term proponent of the VIP and he shows his experience here with his updates of Omen and The Claw, transforming them into entirely different approaches that have been favourites with all DJs that have had these in advance. Roho and Torn strip back their tunes and both provide essential renovations to their initial constructions that propel them back into your crate as essential frameworks to build new blends.

    A. Homemade Weapons - Omen VIP
    AA. Roho - Totemz VIP
    B. Presha & Homemade Weapons - The Claw (Homemade Weapons VIP)
    BB. Torn - Dance On The Bones VIP

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