Neon Dust (3xLP)
Format: 3 x 12"
Neon Dust (3xLP)
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"Neon Dust describes the essence of a world just beyond reach, one we often glimpse but can’t sustain. An Ocean in which we rarely dip our feet.
When writing this album, I felt in tune with something special, an energy I hadn’t previously known. I was submerged and engulfed in its creation. For me, it’s a journey beyond; into that dancing, shimmering glow of neon dust." - Etherwood

    A1:    Lighthouse (Feat Zara Kershaw)
    A2:    Fall Awake
    A3:    How You Went So Long
    A4:    Swans (Feat Sigrun Stella)
    B1:    Dhalia
    B2:    The Current (Feat Drs)
    B3:    They're Here
    B4:    Water In Your Veins
    C1:    Caliban
    C2:    I Will Wave To You
    C3:    Nebula (Feat Fred V)
    D1:    Belorama
    D2:    Follow The River (Feat Lily Budiasa)
    D3:    We Shine Amongst The Lights
    E1:    Akasha
    E2:    All Underwater (Feat Lily Budiasa)
    E3:    Light & Dark
    F1:    Okusha
    F2:    The Map Of My Inside World
    F3:    Into Oblivion

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