10 Years Of Going Soul Deep (2xLP)
Format: 2 x 12"
SOUL DEEP Recordings
Paul SG, Dramatic, mSdoS, soulTec, Furney, Madcap...
10 Years Of Going Soul Deep (2xLP)
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SOUL DEEP Recordings is turning 10 Years old!! To help celebrate this monumental accomplishment, a 10 Year Anniversary LP has been put together, starting with this stunning eight-track vinyl sampler. The sampler includes songs from some of the scene's most influential artists such as Madcap, Paul SG, Blade, Furney, Decon, Dramatic, and many more. With this collection of talented artists, the release is destined to be an instant classic.

Soul Deep would like to thank all of the artists and fans of the label for your support over the last ten years. Without your support, Soul Deep has been able to pursue our mission of pushing soulful Drum & Bass music to new heights. A special thanks goes out to the artists who supplied songs for the 10 Year Anniversary Release! The vinyl sampler will be followed up with 2 albums, which will be released shortly after the vinyl sampler drops. Help us start the celebration by checking out this release, and get your copy before they're all gone. Thanks again for your support!! Looking forward to another 10 years!

A. Paul SG - Skinny Norris
AA. Dramatic - Sacrifice
B. mSdoS - Eastern Band (2021 soulTec Remix)
BB. Furney - Two Smokin' Barrels
C. Madcap - The Sunrise In Her Eyes
CC. Jrumhand - A Pleasant Stroll
D. Blade - Cosmic Bells
DD. Decon - Amenista

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