Air (LP)
Format: 12"
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Ludwig A.F.
Air (LP)
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TIPP !!! - This autumn Ludwig A.F. aveils his first full-length album project. It is a very personal collection of ten pieces inspired by a special location near his home in the Taunus region of Germany. He recorded the songs as soon as he returned to his studio, inspired by the atmosphere of the place. He has been collating the pieces over the course of almost a decade.

“Air“ is an atmospheric and ambiguous collection of music that at times is rhythm and sound design driven but mainly focuses on the home listener with its picturesque melodies and ambiances.

a1 - Air
a2 - Sequoia
a3 - Onsen Dream
a4 - Mycena Lux Coeli
a5 - Oak
b1 - Glass
b2 - Marbles
b3 - Ikebana Arpeggio
b4 - Tau
b5 - Feather

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