Do It-Do It / Hypnotise
Format: 12"
DJ Junk & Mad Dog
Do It-Do It / Hypnotise
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LTD. ORANGE VINYL / ARTWORK EDITION !!! - A shared release between two big guns representing Bournemouth Town. DJ Junk, part of the world renowned breakdance crew Second To None, has been producing hardcore and rave anthems since the early 90’s and this track was originally released back in the golden era of UK rave, 1992, as a single sided white label, limited to 500 units. Due to its scarcity, the release has been highly sought after, selling at the time of going to press for £80.00 a copy on Discogs.

The flipside is by Mad Dog and this track was recorded in 1993 but was never released until now. Mad Dog is Dave Wallace from Aquasky and this track was found recently when Aquasky were searching through their old DAT tapes in their studio. Showcasing that era of late 1993 when hardcore was getting a little bit lighter and more musical, this track perfectly encapsulates the transition of hardcore into jungle.

Released in a Vinyl Fanatiks housebag on 180 gram heavyweight ORANGE vinyl.