Persuassive Funk (2xLP)
Format: 2 x 12"
Phuture T
Persuassive Funk (2xLP)
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We're proud to unveil a brand-new album by Phuture T, entitled 'Persuasive Funk', out 24th July on Inperspective Records. An eleven-track release, Persuasive Funk kicks off with the title track, a soulful, jazz-inflicted D&B collaboration with legendary D&B stalwart Jungle Drummer, melding electronic elements with organic instrumentation featuring Live Bass from rising UK star, Tom Mason, and capped off by invigorating vocals from Sofi Mari. This sets the tone for the rest of the LP, with ‘Voyager’, ‘Uisce Beatha Haze’ and ‘Roosje’ all following a similarly funk-laden formula. ‘El Ritmo Mundial’ and ‘Frenzy’ channel the spirit of free jazz into a melange of trumpets and high-energy drum patterns, before ‘Tumbleweed’, ‘3000’ and ‘Lord Apache’ provide a fittingly triumphant finale.

    A1:    Phuture T, Sofi Mari & Jungle Drummer Feat. Tom Mason - Persuasive Funk
    A2:    Phuture T Feat. Tom Mason - Voyager
    A3:    Phuture T Feat. Tom Mason - Skit (Masonry)
    B1:    Phuture T Feat. Ruth Corey, Tom Mason & Dan Goode - Uisce Beatha Haze
    B2:    Phuture T - El Ritmo Mundial
    B3:    Phuture T - Frenzy
    C1:    Phuture T Feat. Sofi Mari - Boomtown Jazz
    C2:    Phuture T Feat. Ruth Corey & Dan Goode - Roosje
    C3:    Phuture T Feat. Tom Mason - Tumbleweed
    D1:    Phuture T - 3000
    D2:    Phuture T - Lord Apache

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