Puffers Choice (Vol. 3)
Format: 12"
Reggae / Dub
Mr Williamz, Mungos Hi-Fi, Cian Finn, Parly B...
Puffers Choice (Vol. 3)
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TIPP !!! - For over two decades, Glasgow’s Mungo’s Hi Fi and their label Scotch Bonnet have spread their fun, forward-thinking reggae music around the world. And this ethos is triple-distilled into their now eagerly- awaited Puffer’s Choice compilations.

The latest, third edition in the series collects some the last few years' top collaborative highlights onto one LP. With its cover bearing the MacLeod of Lewis tartan, Puffer’s Choice 3 is a celebration of both the label’s Scottish heritage and their global family tree of links with sound systems, artists and producers who share the same spirit.

    A1:    Mr Williamz - My Heavenz (Prod. Chief Rockas)
    A2:    Mungo's Hi Fi - Go Lassie Ft Cian Finn
    A3:    Jeb Loy Nichols - To Be Rich (Should Be A Crime) (Prod. Adrian Sherwood)
    A4:    Stalawa - Rather Be Alone Ft Nazizi
    A5:    Viktorious & Earl Cunningham - Hotstepper
    A6:    Bony Fly - Crucial Ft Jonnygo Figure
    B1:    Parly B - Lyrics Spree Ft Daddy Freddy, Tipa Irie & Interrupt
    B2:    Shokryme & Rtkal - Bbs (Prod Equiknoxx)
    B3:    Flying Fox - Weak Hearts
    B4:    Skari - Black Ft. Int Dub
    B5:    Mungo's Hi Fi - In My Zone Ft. Gardna & Charlie Brix
    B6:    Somah - Sailor Ft Nem