Have Some Fun / Let The Music Play
Format: 12"
Deekline, Ed Solo & Specimen A (feat. General Levy / Blackout Ja)
Have Some Fun / Let The Music Play
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The combined production powerhouse of Deekline, Ed Solo & Specimen A bring forth 10,000 blowtorches to celebrate the vibe that only music can create alongside the vocals of Jamaican reggae superstar Blackout JA.

If you were lucky enough to witness the burner cans of the original dancehall movement or the vast array of lighters flickering to ‘94 Amens, you know what to expect here. This is upfront jungle with a full canister of gas, one hell of a bouncy bassline and an excellent delivery of lyrical goodness. Blackout JA was certainly a fine choice to voice this beat, riding it effortlessly and requesting you all to “let the music play”.

You’re getting both the club mix and the slightly shorter and perhaps less aggressive original in this fine package from Jungle Cakes. Two for two as they say.

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