Kodak Dreams (2xLP)
Format: 2 x 12"
Kodak Dreams (2xLP)
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TIPP !!! - Cult favourite Submorphics delivers his long awaited debut album “Kodak Dreams” on Amsterdam imprint The North Quarter. 15 year veteran producer Greg Axelrad has been one of America's premiere exports when it comes to Soulful Drum & Bass. His unmistakable 'smoked-out' take on the genre has made him a fan favourite for years. After his The North Quarter debut “Detroit Haze” early 2018, he now returns with his most ambitious project yet: “Kodak Dreams”. Written during a time of great personal highs and lows, his debut album is easily his most personal body of work. The Michigan native drew inspiration from his transatlantic journey and childhood memories to paint this musical memoir.

'Inspired by the treasure-trove of nostalgia I brought with me from Detroit, I plugged away at my own brand of D&B, hip-hop and neo-soul music in my new studio in the city of The Hague.' Submorphics explains. 'Cherished childhood photos reminded me of my roots: funky breakbeats and lush soul samples that I blasted out of my cheap boombox long before I knew what a sampler was. These old photos ended up deeply inspiring the album sessions, and even started permeating my dreams as I slept each night.”

A multi-genre piece that features vocals from frequent collaborators Big Brooklyn Red, SelfSays, T.R.A.C. and Christina Tamayo, brings together Soulful Drum & Bass and LA / Detroit flavoured Beats with an easy elegance. The album offers a glimpse into Submorphics' past, present and future and is brought together by snippet-sized, Polaroid-inspired narration, his personal Kodak Dreams.

a1. Submorphics - Flash Meters [Intro]
a2. Submorphics - Luminosity
a3. Submorphics - Roseville Funk / Musique Nostalgique [Interlude]
a4. Submorphics - Memories Of You
b1. Submorphics - 12 & Woodward
b2. Submorphics - Daydreaming ft Big Brooklyn Red
b3. Submorphics - The Prize ft T.R.A.C. / Golden Roots [Interlude]
b4. Submorphics - Faded Images
c1. Submorphics - Ithaca Blues
c2. Submorphics - Morning Alarms ft SelfSays / Waverly Place [Interlude]
c3. Submorphics - Find A Reason ft Christina Tamayo
d1. Submorphics - Feel So Blue / Deep Sleeper [Interlude]
d2. Submorphics - Return To The Source
d3. Submorphics - Hot Ish ft SelfSays (Dabrye Remix) [Bonus Track]

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