Under Control E.P.
Format: 12"
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Bukez Finezt
Under Control E.P.
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KLASSIKER !!! - (BLACK VINYL) - Rarely you come across a record which embodies Dubstep so well that rallies the entire scene behind it. From the brosteppers to the deep heads this record has been getting love from all corners of the earth. We're talking about "Under Control" the latest outing from Germany's next top wobble aka Bukez Finezt. Its eerie intro sets the tone perfectly to interlude this hypnotic stomper. Once the sonic warfare is unleashed it'll transport you to a word of desolation, where aliens run rampant and technology has absorbed everything around them. "You Don't Belong Here" & "Pace Yourself" are on a equal tip. 2 bigtime subloaded heavyweights that'll remind you that Dubstep is still very much alive and reminds us why we fell in love with this minimalistic bass heavy genre to begin with.

Here's what some DJ's had to say about Under Control:
"VERY NATTY!" - N-Type (Wheel & Deal)
"This one destroyed Contact last night" - J:Kenzo (Tempa)
"Three words.... Gun, Finger, Riddim." - Kaiju (Deep Medi)
"DUDE TUNE" - Megalodon (Never Say Die)
"System tune. Don't even bother playing this at home!" - TMSV (Artikal)
"Biggest tune of the year" - Tunnidge (Chestplate)
"One of the heaviest, most refreshing records of the year" - Compa (Deep Medi)
"Pfft more like OUT OF CONTROL" - Beezy (HENCH)

A. Under Control
B. You Dont Belong Here
BB. Pace Yourself

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