Watch Out (Bladerunner Remix) / Warriors (Daffy Remix)
Format: 12"
ASBO Records
The Dream Team
Watch Out (Bladerunner Remix) / Warriors (Daffy Remix)
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Joker Records originated in the middle of the jungle explosion of the mid 90’s and continued to lead its own way of dance floor orientated beats for many years an era wen labels such as RAM, Urban Takeover and Philly Blunt Were Formed & was considered to be an incredibly important part of the early drum and bass/Jungle scene. Much of the output from the label received DJ support from the scene’s biggest players, & At The Time The Riddler was championed by Nicky Blackmarket ,and Kenny Ken.
Many tracks signed to Joker Records used samples from popular US Hip Hop records such as Vanilla Ice’s Ice Ice Baby and Busta Rhymes’s Bus-A-Bus. A sample from the main theme to Star Wars was cleverly reworked for the collaboration with Surburban Base Records under the title Star Warz. This was a favorite intro tune for Ellis D for what seemed like an eternity in 1997.”
Forward 2013 & Bladerunner ,Daffy ,Gold-Dubs (Of Aries & Gold) ,Soulculture ,Billy Daniel Bunter, Slipmatt & Cabin Fever U.K step up to take on one of jungle/D&B’s fav classic labels back catalogue and get stuck in to bringing some of the the dream teams Classic bangers back to the fore front of today’s scene.
Radio Support From Crissy Criss(Radio 1xtra) ,Dj Hype(Kiss Fm) Bass Asylum(Reprezent Radio) ...
The Joker Project Brought To You By Asbo Records.

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