Desert Storm / The Truth
Format: 12"
Stealth (feat. MC Fats)
Desert Storm / The Truth
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NICE PRICE !!! - Brooding, sonically unrepentant and oozing with the kind of stylistic sophistication Stealth is renowned for, this next single on Program sees the welcome return of an underground titan.
Fierce yet technically adept, 'Desert Storm' reintroduces you to a producer who helped to chisel Program's persona. Stealth takes you deep into its composition, amongst falling amen breaks and cleverly distorted bassline, which only adds to the track's moody atmospherics. Through hollowed out horn samples and clucking drum rolls, you're thrown into subterranean riddim of flying beats, underpinned by a sub which ricochets throughout.

Flipside 'The Truth' is fronted by one of the most renowned MC's of the last decades. With Fat's on vocals, you're taken into a vastly different double A, with the MC adding a soulful twist amid piano arpeggio loops, elongated before cascading into the mix. Underpinned by strummed guitar plucks and shivering percussion, it demonstrates Stealth's ability to hone in on his art, presenting two diverse subjects.
Stealth's return will only see momentum grow. With an album looming, expect his catalogue of ruminating dancefloor numbers to expand into the New Year. You know the deal, it's once again...time to get with the Program!

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