Still / Everybody Knows
Format: 12"
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Intelligent Manners
Still / Everybody Knows
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LTD. "Everybody Knows" E.P. Split Single - Hot on the heels on our favourite boy wonder from Kazachstan Command Strange, Fokuz now presents Intelligent Manners straight from ST Petersburg.

This 12inch perfectly defines his funky style and is a great addition to the liquid vibes of Fokuz.

A - Still
drops with a soulful piano and a light stepping beat, the vocal slips in subtle and creates a hypnotic vibe. piano's floating through the air.. and you will imagine yourself in a smokey bar drinking whiskey and reminiscing good old days.

B - Everybody Knows
Take us back to the glory days of r'n b. Who ever thought the Russians are not the most funky people on the world, guess again. This guy is funk himself! nice one.

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