Life As We Knew It (2xLP / PICTURE VINYL)
Format: 2 x 12"
BCee (feat. Charlotte Haining) / Etherwood, Monrroe, Technimatic, S.P.Y....
Life As We Knew It (2xLP / PICTURE VINYL)
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LTD. 2x12" PICTURE VINYL !!! - BCee & Charlotte Haining’s “Life As We Know It” get’s the remix treatment for d&b’s finest.Alongside remixes from S.P.Y, Monrroe, Technimatic, Pola & Bryson and loads more, we are also treated to a brand new exclusive from BCee & Charlotte – Walking On Water.
Life As We Know It vinyl version sold out in just a few weeks and was nominated for best album of 2020 in the drum & bass awards. Digitally it has already had over 2 millions streams as of Feb 2021.
We might not be able to get to a club at the moment but these tracks are made to be turned up loud, so turn them up and let them rattle everything from your studio monitors to your car to alexa and your phone.

Support from Hybrid Minds Kiss FM Show, Rene LaVice @ BBC Radio One, London Elektricity Hospital Podcast & Hospital Rinse FM show, DJ Marky and more...

    A1:    History (Technimatic Remix)
    A2:    Wanderer (Mitekiss Remix)
    A3:    Could Have Been Us (Winslow Remix)
    B1:    Little Bit Lighter Feat Etherwood
    B2:    Walking On Water
    B3:    Almost There (Deadline Remix)
    B4:    The Hills (Krakota Remix)
    C1:    Remind Me (S.P.Y. Remix)
    C2:    Give Me A Break (Emba Remix)
    C3:    Love For The Fallen Feat Drs (Satl Remix)
    D1:    In The Moment Feat Tempza (Monrroe Remix)
    D2:    Endlessly Unlimited (Lsb Remix)
    D3:    Home For Good Feat Emba (Villem Remix)

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