Exit The Void (2xLP)
Format: 2 x 12"
Broken Note
Exit The Void (2xLP)
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LOW STOCK !!! - (SEALED ARTWORK EDITION) - Sonic innovators 'BROKEN NOTE' are proud to present their long awaited second album instalment 'EXIT THE VOID' - a collaboration between creative label forces MethLab Recordings, Slug Wife Recordings & Broken Note Recordings – available on 12” vinyl and digital formats.

'BROKEN NOTE' mark the bleeding edge of bass music across 15 tracks as they display an unerring commitment to the creation of boundary breaking sonic sequences. As a symbol of social cohesion in divided times manifested through the collaboration of independent labels and artists, 'EXIT THE VOID' serves as a soundtrack for a disenfranchised generation.

A cutting-edge body of work emblematic of the Broken Note sound, 'EXIT THE VOID' draws on a wide array of influences from across the autonomous and subversive spectrums of the underground.

'BROKEN NOTE' have been hard at work in the nine years that have passed since the release of their groundbreaking Terminal Static LP, releasing a full seven EPs that have further solidified their multifaceted heavyweight sound.

'EXIT THE VOID' follows in the wake of these previous works, presenting a cohesive collection of music that draws from past, present, and future as it delivers a new chapter of the project’s densely amalgamated audio vision.

    A1. The Nothing
    A2. Motion Shifter
    A3. Alternative Facts
    B1. Nightcrawler
    B2. Iron Sky
    B3. Obelisk
    B4. Upward Spiral
    C1. Cold Sweat
    C2. Augmented
    C3. Machine Dreams
    C4. Parabolic Hex
    D1. Pressure Chamber
    D2. Suspect Device
    D3. Murderboii
    D4. End Game