Deep Earth (Mini LP)
Format: 12"
Deep Earth (Mini LP)
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TIPP !!! - Hubwar is one of those artists who has been noticed by crossing the borders that previously separated IDM and bass-music. "Eikonoklastes", first album and cornerstone of his own imprint Noizion Recordz, already opens the possibilities : a subtle blend of electronica, dubstep, jungle and footwork.

If this first opus was rather cosmic, this new album brings us back to our planet, more precisely into the “Deep Earth”. In this journey with a thousand cultures, we wiggle on Brazilian rhythms with “Sambacraft”, enter a state of trance in the “Kudumbigala's” jungle, move our heads on “Northern Mali’s” trip-hop beat, regain the dancefoor on a furious dubstep entitled “Acid Ababa", get lost in the tribal drums of “Far From" and hover over the atmospheric dub of "Slow ".

In short, "Deep Earth" can be heard both on the living room turntable or on a big sound system in a dance hall.

a1. Hubwar - Nova Nova
a2. Hubwar - Acid Ababa
a3. Hubwar - Slow
b1. Hubwar - Sambacraft
b2. Hubwar - Far From
b3. Hubwar - Kudumbigala ft. Nekochan

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