The Fundamentalist / Another Story
Format: 12"
TEMPO Records
The Fundamentalist / Another Story
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LTD. GOLD 180g VINYL EDITION !!! - Tempo Records present SPEED, a new Tempo Records sublabel & project released on a limited collectors handnumbered 180 grams coloured picture disc vinyl with original & legendary producers who helped shaping the Drum & Bass scene. This second release on Tempo Records' legends Picture Disc series: SPEED is by the Bristolian living legendary Jungle originator, inspirator and experimentalist: DJ KRUST. In DJ Krust's own words: "It became time to push again. Sitting in a dark room looking at my wall of power, a lifetime spent traveling the world was reimagined in front of me. Where had i been? Making art had become a journey inward towards or to somewhere unknown un-lived. Here i was looking for a new opening when out of the blue and blackness i could feel it. I stopped looking for inspiration so digging in the metal creates had its own angle, over time the roots of this adventure will be heard in a new way. That's when i noticed it, like a bright, out of the space mix between thought and the unknown. It was clear now what was happening a Fundamentalist with Another Story" Collectors please check: This release comes as a strictly limited handnumbered 180 grams Golden Picture Disc Vinyl pressing with a high quality polybag sleeve (including a handnumbered qty stamped golden sticker on polybag corner) + all tracks mastered by Stuart Hawkes of Metropolis Mastering London. First come, first served! Note: The sound quality on a picture disc may be less good as on a regular standard vinyl as this is a special golden vinyl pressing!

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