Cosmology - Dark Matter (3xLP)
Format: 3 x 12"
Om Unit, Samba, TMSV, Proc Fiskal, Synkro, Djrum, J:Kenzo...
Cosmology - Dark Matter (3xLP)
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LOW STOCK !!! - Om Unit's Cosmic Bridge label returns with 'Dark Matter', its first compilation since 2017's 'Cosmology Selections', offering a fresh snapshot of the exciting possibilities and experiments happening at the intersection of hip-hop, jungle and bass music; a hybrid sound the label has pioneered since its first release eight years ago.

Across 14 tracks, 'Dark Matter' showcases Cosmic Bridge's growing global roster of artists: Moresounds, Danny Scrilla, Proc Fiskal, Margari's Kid, Oliver Yorke, J:Kenzo, TMSV, vromm, alongside new faces Samba and Rude Operator, and perennial favorites Es.tereo, Synkro and Djrum, the latter two in collaboration with label head Om Unit.

Dark Matter is a finely crafted statement of intent from Cosmic Bridge and Om Unit, shunning easy self-congratulation for a dive into the musical potentials and connections of a sound that is now an established part of the global bass music vocabulary.

a1. Om Unit - The Lake (Samba Remix)
a2. TMSV - Ominous
b1. Proc Fiskal - Death
b2. Danny Scrilla - Sacred Waters
b3. Moresounds - Watating
c1. J: Kenzo - Dub For Bashenga
c2. Rude Operator - Broken Sky
d1. Vromm - Decentralized
d2. Oliver Yorke - Treasured
d3. Es.tereo - Floating Point
e1. MargariÔÇÖs Kid - Challenger
e2. Om Unit & Synkro - Reflextions
f1. Om Unit & Djrum - Ruins
f2. Crypticz - Chrysalis (Feat. Amy Kisnorbo)

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