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Two Minds / Forlorn
Format: 12"
DnB - Liquid, DnB - Jungle / Juke, DnB - Deep
Pressin´ Hard Records
Ricky Force
Two Minds / Forlorn
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(ARTWORK EDITION) - Pressin Hard makes a welcome return, bringing more of that sigature old skool junglistic flavour from label head honcho Ricky Force.

'Two Minds' drops a bouncing Jungle Techno-style b-line over rollin beats, while ghostly atmospherics and melancholic vocals paint a dark canvas. The resulting combination shines like a light in the darkness...

Meanwhile on the flip, 'Forlorn' rolls out a selection of classic Jungle breaks, backed by synth washes, stabs, and subtle piano, touching on that classic '93 sound pioneered by Lucky Spin and Deejay Recordings. For those who like their Jungle percussive, moody and melodic, this limited edition 12" is one not to miss...

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