Tight Control E.P. (Remastered)
Format: 12"
Bear Necessities
Tight Control
Tight Control E.P. (Remastered)
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Kniteforce and Just Another Label (owner of the Bear Necessities Sub Label) have been friends since the early 90’s, so when JAL wanted to remaster and repress some old and much sought after classic EPs, it was only natural for Kniteforce to take on that roll.
Here we have the first of those EPs, and its one that many have been looking to get hold of for a long time! A timeless old skool EP and one that has been high on many a collectors wants list for over a decade, Tight Control is a proper winner in all respects!

Club / DJ Support
Billy Bunter, the Fat Controller, Glowkid, Slipmatt, Dj Jedi, Dj Luna-C, Dj Brisk, Clayfighter, Jimni Cricket, Bustin, Sc@r, Doughboy, Saiyan, Dave Skywalker, Ponder and many others

    A. Reggae, Reggae, Reggae
    B. Hardcore Piano
    BB. The Way Forward

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