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Sick Music 2019 (LTD. 4 x 12" VINYL BOX SET)
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Hospital Records proudly present the next chapter in their massive compilation series, 'Sick Music 2019'. It's packed with 25 brand new and exclusive tracks from Hospital and Med School surgeons alongside some very special guest features, all carefully selected as the future drum & bass anthems of 2019.
This diverse selection of 174 beats comes from the likes of London Elektricity, Fred V, S.P.Y, Metrik, Grafix, Logistics, Whiney, Unglued, Benny L, Flava D, Bou, Pete Cannon, Gridlok and many more. After the announcement of the dynamic duo's decision to focus on individual projects, Fred V and Grafix present their first solo releases in almost a decade. Renowned for synth-driven symphonies and soothing songwriting, Fred V brings a high dose of octane electronica in the down tempo fix, 'Burning Me'.
Grafix has taken a fresh direction with 'Frozen' travelling down the rough and rugged techy route, ready to shatter dancefloors worldwide. Plus it's about to be a big year for Hospital Records' commander-in-chief London Elektricity as he returns from the
studio a the dynamic funk-ladened D+B spectacular, 'Funkopolis'. Other highlights include Benny L's re-rub of John Holt's reggae hit 'Police In Helicopter', with a rugged bass to make the rave shake. The first lady of Bassline and UKG royalty Flava D also joins the fold for an exclusive first flex into the realms of D+B, the silky slick selection 'Return 2 Me'.
The latest rendition of our 'Sick Music' series also sees a string of all-star remixes with Whiney's robust rework of Degs' summer anthem 'Poveglia', Bop's long awaited glitch-riddled remix of Anile's 'Allergens' and S.P.Y's 'Dusty Fingers' getting a special Metrik rework.

    A1:    John Holt - Police In Helicopter (Benny L Remix)
    A2:    Degs - Poveglia (Feat. De:tune) (Whiney Remix)
    A3:    Fred V - Burning Me
    B1:    London Elektricity - Funkopolis
    B2:    Flava D - Return To Me
    B3:    Inja X Whiney - Be My Cure
    B4:    Krakota - Reload
    C1:    Bou X Unglued - Ascendant Man
    C2:    S.p.y - Dusty Fingers (Feat. Diane Charlemagne) (Metrik Remix)
    C3:    Mrsa - Nail Out
    D1:    Lakeway - War Dub
    D2:    Grafix - Frozen
    D3:    Logistics - Levitate
    E1:    Mitekiss - Lie Awake (Feat. Degs)
    E2:    Makoto X Hugh Hardie - Bluebird
    E3:    Gridlok - It's Not Techno
    F1:    Anile - Allergens (Bop Remix)
    F2:    Impish - Hive
    F3:    Polaris - Alignment
    G1:    Pete Cannon - Ella
    G2:    Murdock - Headshot
    G3:    In:most X Saikon - Untold History
    H1:    Zephire - Desperation (Primate Remix)
    H2:    Dip Vertigo & Dr. Apollo - Red (Feat. Josh Phillips)
    H3:    Walk:r - Solis

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