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Saga (Sub Zero Remix / Roller Mix)
Format: 12"
DnB - Classics, DnB - JumpUp / DrumStep
Original Key Records
Bassface Sascha & Feindsoul
Saga (Sub Zero Remix / Roller Mix)
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BACK IN STOCK !!! - Already a well loved package, the ‘Saga’ single from Bassface Sascha and Feindsoul has already done untold damage across dancefloors globally. And having each carefully honed groove make its mark on the vast crowds which flood their worlds every weekend was their main goal, yet they’re about to add another dimension to each track they’d originally offered as a collaboration project. Jump-up and speaker-stack slayer Sub Zero joins the production outfit to give two different perspectives on the duo’s sonic artillery. Being released on the second birthday of Original Key Records, there was no better way for them to celebrate than to bring on board such a formidable artist to rework the punching first delivery.
The start of two reworks, ‘Saga’ is taken by Sub Zero and given a more aggressive layering. Its bass is distorted into an untold monster which rips away segment after segment, in its place creating a rhythm of crunching beats and a bassline which has been injected with sonic steroids. Sub Zero does what he does best and he does it without restraint; the mix is impenetrable and wobbling subs drag you into the mix after Sub Zero twists the intro’s vocal sample into a seismic drop. It takes the classic jump up sound and gives it the fresh take which Sub Zero is renowned for, with a high-reaching production standard which is effortless for an artist who’s been in the game for as long as he has.
The reverse pulls you into the throws of Sub Zero’s ‘Roller’ mix, which is more creeping in its approach and throws you through drum break after drum break. The motions of the record oppose the weight of its predecessor and although it’s more subdued, it still makes an impact with every crushing level. The percussion still peppers itself throughout the mix and you become acutely more aware of just how vast Sub Zero’s production spectrum really is.
It’s a welcome addition for anyone who’s not only a fan of Feindsoul, Bassface Sascha and the first version of ‘Saga’, but also for fans of innovation and Sub Zero. As a label, Original Key Records have provided all of that.

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