Two Sides Of Everything (2xLP)
Format: 2 x 12"
Riya & Collette Warren
Two Sides Of Everything (2xLP)
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Well-loved vocal starlets of the drum and bass scene, Riya and Collette Warren have teamed up to create the stunning vocalist lead LP, ‘Two Sides of Everything’. Both originally hailing from Birmingham the women have been friends for more decade, making this a powerfully personal project. This groundbreaking album is the first time two female vocalists have teamed up in the world of 170, and the release enlists some of the scenes best-known producers from all corners of DNB’s eclectic spectrum.

With tracks from seasoned veterans such as Technimatic and Mercury Prize Award Winner Roni Size and leaders of the new school like Whiney and Monrroe and the pair have ensured all musical areas of the scene are represented. Making sure to include some more female talent, the album also includes Kyrist, and vocal support from Sofi Mari and the legendary Tali who was a huge formative influence on this duo growing up. Separately both artists have carved out significant notches within drum and bass, with their vocals on tracks being heard on timeless classics such as the forever beautiful ‘Kismet’ by Hybrid Minds and the haunting ‘One Exception’ with DJ Marky and Tyler Daley.

    A1:    Showtime Ft. Sl8R
    A2:    All For Something Ft. L-Side
    A3:    Two Sides Ft. Roni Size
    A4:    Vices Ft. Whiney
    B1:    Little Things Ft. Technimatic
    B2:    Say No More Ft. Ben Soundscape & Visionobi
    B3:    Dance In The Shadows Ft. Bcee
    B4:    Surrender Ft. Phil:osophy & Tali
    C1:    Inside The Fire Ft. Monrroe
    C2:    Sliding Doors Ft. Visages
    C3:    Carnelian Ft. Koherent
    D1:    Stepping Stones Ft. Kyrist & Sofi Mari
    D2:    Yellow Roses Ft. Random Movement
    D3:    Whatever Comes Ft. Dogger & Mindstate

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