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Purge E.P.
Format: 12"
DnB - Hard / Breakcore, DnB - JumpUp / DrumStep, DnB - Tech-/Neurofunk
Forbidden Society Recordings
3RDKND / Donny & Forbidden Society
Purge E.P.
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(INCL. DOWNLOAD CARD) - There is something to be majestic about stalwarts of a certain flock coming together to be creative. The harder side of Drum & Bass didn't have it's own power formation until today. It's as of this day that Czech producer Forbidden Society, formed an alliance with two of his most respected peers to create 3RDKND. Donny, Katharsys and FS all have a strong lean to rhythmic textures, tough drum cuts and experimental FX works. Just in time for the European festival season, the thunderous first effort has arrived; and it's going to turn some heads.

Purge EP is a work of experience, seeking for the outer bounderies of whats sonically possible. The title track is an electronic behemoth which revolves around boundary pushing drum programming and pure unfiltered energy. 'The Artifact' is a straight up dancefloor anthem which uses an ominous vocal of cinematic proportions to build up to the halftime body of heavy hitting drums. 'Fire And Blood' is an experimental work of the rhythmic endurance. The final track is a 3RDKND remix of an original track by Donny and FS. This is the final showcasing of the trinity's sonical excellence. 'Purge EP' will be released through Forbidden Society's self titled label and will be available for pre-ordering through all specialized retailers starting May 25th.

A.  3RDKND - Purge
AA.  3RDKND - The Artifact
B.  3RDKND - Fire & Blood
BB.  Donny & Forbidden Society - Creator & Destroyer (3RDKND Remix)

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