Oh E.P.
Format: 12"
Justin Jay, Claude Vonstroke / Pearson Sound
Oh E.P.
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LOW STOCK !!! - A late night conversation about the past and future of dance music elicited this surprise left field collaboration from Justin Jay and Claude VonStroke. Justin’s mission was simple: push VonStroke to the fringes. Being no stranger to disruption, Claude loved the idea of challenging creative expectations. The result is five intricate and leftfield landscapes, featuring a special remix from Pearson Sound.

‘Oh’ is an EP with influences from UK jungle, Detroit electro, Chicago juke and the deconstructed hip hop that shaped much of the early Dirtybird sound. The tracks differ radically but are strung together with a sense of excitement embedded in their polyrhythmic drum patterns and dynamic arrangement.

‘Oh’ is pressed on a simple whitelabel disc, shedding expectations and kicking off a new series of alternative genre records at a label that's always been about breaking the mold and not taking itself too seriously.

    A2.Oh (Pearson Sound Shuffle Remix)

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