In Between E.P.
Format: 12"
In Between E.P.
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ARTWORK EDITION !!! - The first Prestige release for 2021 is delivered by London-based, Italian bred HLZ! Emilio has been on the map for a min, and we are more than thrilled to finally lock in a project in the form of a versatile 3-track EP offering. As his talents have been revered with all the top labels and DJs across circuit, Prestige is chuffed to deliver this unquestionable slapper of a 12".

As the Lead track, 'IN BETWEEN' takes listeners on a journey thru a deeper palette, HLZ is able to turn out with casual grace. Liquid gold best describes such a superb composition. Rolled out drums + classic bassline hook = sure fire integrity.

Riiing the alarm! 'DUB SUNRISE' hits different and not what you'd typically expect from mans. Only meant to be heard on a proper rig, HLZ channels the natty spirit and nails this iteration of the dub wise vibrations.

Third tune might as well be a title cut, 'NEON UNDERWATER' is simply pure rudeness. The track perfectly fits its title, as you instantly catch that murky, immersed feeling upon first listen. Another sound you may not be accustomed to hearing from HLZ off rip, from a label that frequents the roads less traveled.

PMG017 will be a vinyl feature with full color sleeve on March 5th, digital to follow suit 1 week after release. The heaviest of players showing full support; likes of Doc Scott, Craze, Flight, Ulterior Motive, and more. We're very excited to finally share with you all, such an astounding drop from the renowned Prestige Music Group.

A. In Between
B. Dub Sunrise
BB. Neon Underwater

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