Every Ones & Nothings (2xLP)
Format: 2 x 12"
Every Ones & Nothings (2xLP)
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SEALED ARTWORK EDITION / COLOURED 2x12" 180g VINYL !!! - Machinecode is a duo comprising Current Value and Dean Rodell, a pair of artists who have shaped a unique sound in bass music and techno throughout their careers. Everyones and Nothings is an exploratory body of work that is immediately identifiable with the Machinecode audio aesthetic, and that moves through genres with ease - from 130 bpm leftfield bass, to Dr.Octagon-inspired halftime, techno, ambient and experimental dnb. It is layered with mystery and myth, exploring conspiracy, the stories that people tell each other, and the things that are whispered about in obscure corners of the Internet. The album artwork is by Zeke Clough (of Skull Disco notoriety and more) and an accompanying video by animator Oskar Alvarado retells and reimagines the folklore behind the Mesoamerican serpent deity, Kukulkan.

A1     Machinecode     Flat Earth
A2     Machinecode     031703
A3     Machinecode     King Trigger
B1     Machinecode     Lefortovo
B2     Machinecode     Moksha
B3     Machinecode     MJ-12
C1     Machinecode & Coppa     Iron Mountain
C2     Machinecode     Hollow Moon
C3     Machinecode     Everyone's & Nothing's
D1     Machinecode     Paperclip
D2     Machinecode     BlueBeam
D3     Machinecode     Mockingbird

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