For The Good Of It All (2xLP)
Format: 2 x 12"
Facing Jinx (feat. Conduct, Philth, Macc, Dexta...)
For The Good Of It All (2xLP)
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TIPP !!! - This 12 track album is truly beautiful. Drawing influences from jungle and liquid as well as low-fi hip hop, with flecks of soul and RnB, all washed over with cool, ethereal touches. Facing Jinx has worked with his friends, people he met along the way for this record resulting in every track featuring a different collaborative vocal.

    A1. Dragonfly Ft Conduct
    A2. Black Valentine Ft Sense Mc & Khost
    A3. Come Back To Me Ft Ewan J Phillips
    B1. My Soul Ft Farz & Miriella
    B2. Fear Of Losing You Ft Philth & Formik
    B3. Ignorance Ft Macc & Lavahi
    C1. For The Good Of It All Ft Future Bliss & Just Some Guy
    C2. Talking Sense Ft Dexta & Becca Jane Grey
    C3. Save Your Life Ft Khost
    D1. Remember To Breathe Ft Tom James
    D2. Here With You Ft Wreckless & Alexsia Dee
    D3. Give You The World Ft Georgia Blackwell

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