Brain Music E.P.
Format: 12"
Skubi, Slick Shoota, House Of Black Lanterns
Brain Music E.P.
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BACK IN STOCK !!! - A fairly new artist on the juke/bass music scene SKUBI, a 23 year old producer from Dayton in Ohio is looking to make a name for himself. Taking some heavy influences from juke, southern hip hop, UK bass music and the sound of the Midwest, Brain music has all the delayed hand claps and hip hop vocals that any hip hop or trap fap could wish for, but Skubi still manages to keep a future bass sound while running at 160bpm and creates a truly unique and original style that will attract a wide spectrum of musical tastes.
Both tracks, brain music and wet are extremely original and well rounded productions and are already receiving acclaim from some big names including OM Unit, Moresounds & Sarah Farina. One thing is for sure Skubi's tracks are guaranteed to have heads nodding, hips gyrating and feet shuffling from here to Mars and back again. For the first remix we have selected Norway's finest SLICK SHOOTA. With tracks signed to Mad decent & loose squares and his first vinyl EP out earlier last year, slick has proven time a and time again that he can consistently deliver to the people what they want to hear, and this time is no different. With what seems to be inspired by the resent dub war being waged by various artists and producers all over the net, Slick Shoota's remix of Brain music kicks off to an all out Jungle stomper! With its rolling drums and classic jungle dub samples Slick gives the track a brilliant 90's warehouse rave feel while still sounding completely new and fresh.
For the second remix we have chosen the very talented HOUSE OF BLACK LANTERNS.
Dylan Richards, AKA Zilla, AKA King Cannibal, AKA House of Black lanterns has got a resume that would send most producers weak at the knees. He has both digital and vinyl releases from some of the best labels in the business including Ninja Tunes, Warp and Houndstooth. Not to mention being hand picked by Bjork and Liam Hewlett to work on their musical projects. The House Of Black Lanterns Remix of Wet has managed to beautifully balance the sound of the vinyl, with Dylan offering up a pulsating chugger of a juke track. With a beat like a hypnotically thumping heart this melodic slow-fast rendition of Wet perfectly rounds off the musical journey.

A. Brain Music
AA. Wet (Original)
B. Brain Music (Slick Shoota Remix)
BB. Wet (House Of Black Lanterns Remix)

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