Roxy Music / Siege Mentality
Format: 12"
Dispatch Recordings
Zero T & Khanage
Roxy Music / Siege Mentality
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The Roxy Music EP Part 1. The whole EP but more particularly the lead track pays homage to a certain venue in Vienna called Roxy which a good number of us in the liquid D&B heydays of the mid 2000′s and onwards were privileged enough to play at. To say thanks for such great times Zero T decided a dedication was in order and here we are!

Huge support so far from the likes of: Friction (on BBC Radio 1), Ant TC1 (on BBC Radio 1), DJ Hype (on Kiss FM), DJ Die (on Kiss FM), Bailey (on BBC 1Xtra), DJ Marky, Lenzman (on Ministry of Sound Radio), Octane & DLR, Survival, Youngsta, Rockwell, Brian G, Total Science, Von D, Foreign Concept, Vicious Circle, Stray, Craggz & PF, Sunchase.

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