Perpetual Motion E.P.
Format: 12"
Perpetual Motion E.P.
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LTD. PURPLE VINYL EDITION !!! - ASC mixes up the Spatial framework superbly with Creation, channeling the classic 720-style vibe of yesteryear. Transforming apache breaks with a twisted sci-fi crunch, the harsh beat patterns take center stage throughout, stabbing and jittering over computerised FX and an unsettled extra terrestrial backdrop which could punctuate an interplanetary starfighter dogfight. This one will be at home in sets spanning several generations of the atmospheric drum & bass movement.

ASC's intricate, tight breakwork returns with Placid, bringing an elegant, mysterious aura echoing a solitary avian predator calmly scanning its vast territorial expanse from the skies above. The listener is treated to a host of familiar throwback samples delivered in a subtle, refined manner, with a beautiful simple melody developing over the beatwork as the track progresses.

An unnerving atmosphere from the off here as Essence brings forth an unforgettably simple, addicting beat pattern with constant hats and echoed mellow snares driving an energetic rhythm which will quickly get the head nodding along. ASC drops muffled vocal samples and a repeating melody into the mix to ensure Essence will stay with the listener long after the conclusion.

Dialing back the intensity somewhat, Silent Running provides respite to close the EP with X-Files-style keys and minimal synthwork. The break structure follows a chilled 2-step pattern with double snares closing the loop, mixed up occasionally with a subdued threat of more energetic arrangements which remain dormant in the shadows... Until the next time.

Words by Chris Hayes (Spatial / Red Mist)

Written, produced, and engineered by James Clements

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