Closer (4xLP / BOX SET)
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"After Outer Edges we were trying to find a new direction for Noisia. This resulted in an extensive journey that took us through a lot of new ideas and music. Although we eventually decided to stop, we are proud of the things we made along the way, and these tunes were always meant to be part of a larger whole. So before we finally close the book on Noisia, we wanted to share them with you, on one last album. Previously released or newly finished, they all represent directions we enjoyed exploring. In the end, we didn't manage to figure things out. But we did get closer." - Nik, Thijs, Martijn (Noisia)

A1. Noisia - Three (Intro)
A2. Noisia & Camo & Krooked - Nova
A3. The Upbeats & Noisia - Shibuya Pet Store
B1. Noisia & IMANU - Shift
B2. Noisia & Skrillex - Horizon
B3. Noisia & Former - Cleansing
C1. Mefjus & Noisia - Foundations
C2. Noisia - Scrapped
C3. Noisia - Shutters
D1. Noisia & The Upbeats - Halcyon
D2. Noisia & Halogenix - Wordless
D3. Noisia - Told You
E1. Noisia & Two Fingers - Dzjengis
E2. Noisia & Former - Pleasure Model
F1. Noisia & Phace - Deep Down
F2. Noisia & Posij - Simplon
G1. Noisia & Black Sun Empire - Caps Lock
G2. Skrillex & Noisia & Josh Pan & Dylan Brady - Supersonic (VIP)
H1. Noisia - The Hole Pt. 1
H2. Noisia - Closer