Marufo E.P.
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Marufo E.P.
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BACK IN STOCK !!! - SEALED ARTWORK EDITION - The best things come to those who wait…Currently in the thick of her most hectic summer of shows so far, Lens has been firing up dancefloors and blazing our senses with her mixes for a few years… Now time for the all-important level-up as she drops her debut EP – ‘Marufo’.
Having teased us with her first release earlier this year – ‘Love The Way’ with Lally on her Hospital Mixtape – Lens zooms out to reveal a much wider spice cabinet. Named after her favourite chicken spot in The Algarve, Portugal; ‘Marufo’ showcases the same full flavour range as she does as a DJ, each cut reflecting a different side to the young Brighton artist’s energy, sound palette and influences.
‘Feels Like’ takes the lead with a contemporary, sunny-side jungle vibe. Twisting up RnB elements amid her breezy breaks, it sets the tone for a full spectrum slew that follows; ‘Give Me A Reason’ is a cosmic late-night vibe-out, ‘Marufo’ brings the piri-piri piquancy frequencies with supreme old school jungle choppiness while ‘Gun Point’ fires shots into the future, the high calibre bassline charge once again tapping into a powerful foundation sound that belies Lens’s young tenure.
Each track like a fresh new course in a banquet of spicy new-gen D&B; this will fill you up for the summer AND leave you wanting more. Don’t worry, Lens is already cooking the next batch. But like all the best meals, we’ll just have to wait...

    A. Feels Like
    AA. Give Me A Reason
    B. Marufo
    BB. Gun Point

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