Manifested Visions E.P.
Format: 12"
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Loxy & Ink
Manifested Visions E.P.
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Two titans in UK breakbeat culture, Loxy & Ink were both present at the inception of the birth of UK dance music and continue to be torchbearers. With ‘Manifested Visions’ the duo does exactly what the title suggests; transcending the boundaries of genre, roots dub meets hip hop and in-your-face drum and bass to create a five-track EP that will make you submit, revel, rave and float.

    A1. Manifested Visions
    A2. Phoenix Rising (Ft. Resound, Jody Lulati & Miriam Safo)
    B1. Give Me A Dubplate (Ft. Resound)
    B2. Embrace The Meaning
    B3. Get Back Up (Ft. Tha Lion)

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