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Mutant Romance / Mutant Quazars
Format: 12"
Breaks, Electronic / Techno
Maceo Plex
Mutant Romance / Mutant Quazars
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TIPP !!! - Maceo Plex inaugurates his MPLX label with a two-tracker of his own material; as Mutant Romance solidifies the ethos of the imprint - a platform for future releases, solely from the man himself. Ever since his landmark debut album Life Index on Crosstown Rebels, the Barcelona-via-Miami artist has never wavered from the constant momentum - establishing his Ellum Audio imprint in 2011 as well as his Ellum Black imprint earlier this year, the artist already explored different avenues of techno, electro and whatever lied in the crevices in-between. However, with this first release on MPLX - Maceo Plex stretches his sonic identity even further with a double-dose of warm, wistful dancefloor bumpers that will last long after its first hearing.

'Mutant Romance' starts things off with a groovy rhythm, pacing itself justly between a deluge of affable chord progressions, rightly leading to a breakdown that's just as vibrant and virtuous as you'd expect from a peak-time surprise from the man himself. The B-side, 'Mutant Quazars' - entrenches itself with an energetic build-up; gearing towards an apex that is surprising in its reveal - with lush pads, enigmatic melodies and a beat that won't give up on whoever's caught onto it. MPLX is a vehicle for experimentation for an established voice in the electronic community - one that's constantly looking at new ways to express the medium of dance music to its wider and more powerful potential.

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