Lords Of The Null Lines (The Complete & Bootlegged Remixes)
Format: 12"
Hyper On Experience / Foul Play
Lords Of The Null Lines (The Complete & Bootlegged Remixes)
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Here we have the beautifully remastered Foul Play and Foul Play ft Randall remixes of Lords Of The Null Lines. There is little to say about these definitive classics that has not already been said. You know ‘em, you love ‘em, they are essentials.
However, the Danny Styles remixes are perhaps deserving of some explanation.
There were created in the early 90s, and were cut, but quickly stopped by Moving Shadow as they were not really official remixes. A few test presses got out, and the result has been these remixes reaching a near mystical status in the passing decades, and the vinyl changing hands on discogs for £500 and other ridiculousness.
So it was with great pleasure that Alex Hyper On and myself managed to broker a deal with Moving Shadow and Danny Styles to bring these amazing remixes to a legal and official release! It took over 25 years, but they can finally be bought...

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Shimon, Andy C, Randall, Ray Keith, Chase 7 Status, Zinc, Jack Frost, Billy Bunter, the Fat Controller, Glowkid, Slipmatt, Dj Jedi, Dj Luna-C, Dj Brisk, Clayfighter, Jimni Cricket, Bustin, Sc@r, Doughboy, Saiyan, Dave Skywalker, Liquid, Hyper On Experience, Ant To Be, Ponder and many others...

    A. Foul Play Remix (Remastered)
    AA. Foul Play Ft. Randall Remix (Remastered)
    B. Danny Styles Remix 1 (Remastered)
    BB. Danny Styles Remix 2 (Remastered)